Exhibition « CERAMICS » at FIAA

from June 24th to October 23rd 2022

Fonds International d'Art Actuel - Le Mans (72) - France

“Dialogue” exhibition between ancient and contemporary ceramics organized by Lucien Ruimy, FIAA’s founder, who brings together a choice of works from the Malicorne-sur-Sarthe Ceramics Museum and creations made by seven contemporary ceramists.

“If the body made of living flesh is the first measure of the world, Fanny Alloing colors it, inhabits it. Even if she tears it into pieces, she refuses its destruction as much as its simple replica.

Eroticism explodes in various “ardore” but pain and death are not absent as images of the condition of the existence on earth and by the clay annealed in such work. Nudity points outside of its sole kind. However, this work – paradoxically – brings us closer to her. As if Fanny Alloing synthesized a set of energies to express the unspeakable, the indescribable.

It offers enigmatic rebirths in a poetic apparition of what, until then, was not perceived in the same way in a work that recalls the burned bodies of Pompeii as the most relevant experiments of postmodernity. »

Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret – Art Critic and Writer

FIAA website page dedicated to the “Ceramics” exhibition

Birth of a new piece.