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Collective Exhibition - La Droitiere

September 16-17th 2023

Chateau de La Droitiere - Mauves-sur-Loire (44) - France

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light enters” Leonard Cohen sang. This is what Fanny...

Collective Exhibition "Le Nuage Bleu"

from July 31st to August 28th 2022

Le Nuage Bleu gallery - Morgat (29) France

“Fanny Alloing and the Women of Fire” From her immaculate plaster chrysalis – “molt of the...

Exhibition « CERAMICS » at FIAA

from June 24th to October 23rd 2022

Fonds International d'Art Actuel - Le Mans (72) - France

“Dialogue” exhibition between ancient and contemporary ceramics organized by Lucien Ruimy, FIAA’s...

Zabu's Factory

from March 26th to May 8th 2022

Espace culturel Jean Zabukovec - Saint-Germain-des-Angles (27) - France

Exhibition tribute to Jean Zabukovec. 20 contemporary sculptors are invited by Jean-Yves Gosti to present...

Exhibition "Le Triphasé"

from 14 october 14th to november 6th 2021

Le Triphasé gallery - Nantes (44) - France

In his Natural History, Pliny the Elder tells the story of the Corinthian Potter’s daughter who,...

Exhibition "Take Shape"

from 7th to 30th May 2021

Temple du Goût, 30 rue Kervégan - Nantes (44) - France

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light enters” Leonard Cohen sang. This is...

Exhibition "Pollens"

from September 10th to October 17th 2020

Olivier Rousseau's gallery, Tours (37) - France

It is sculpted silence, silence filled with recollection and peace. Fanny Alloing gives it a human appearance....

Exhibition "Le Nuage Bleu"

from July 5th to August 25th 2020

Galerie Picot-Le Roy, Morgat (29) - France

“The work modeled in modernity speaks of the eternity of the human condition”. Armed with practice as...

Exhibition "The Roots of Heaven"

from March 29th to April 27th

Olivier Rousseau's gallery, Tours (37) - France

Fanny Alloing is fascinated by the body since her childhood. Very young, she practiced the dance in an...

Exhibition "Le Nuage Bleu"

from April 2nd to 23th 2017

Le Nuage Bleu - 14 Quai Kador, Morgat (29) - France

FANNY ALLOING – Marks Here is a woman, half of her body keep her head leaning on the side, arms...

Exhibition "Suspended Time"

from April 12th to May 8th 2016

Malicorne - Espace Faïence

Fanny Alloing show her work at Malicorne-sur-Sarthe, at the museum of Faïence. The exhibition will take...

Exhibition "Body & Soul"

from January 6th to February 13th 2015

Passage Ste Croix Nantes (44)

A new exhibition by Fanny Alloing at the Passage Ste-Croix, Nantes – 44. It the 6th of January....

Exhibition "This body inside her"

from march 27th to april 19th 2014

Le Temple du Goût

Individual exhibition of sculptures and videos at le Temple du Goût in the City of Nantes ( 44 ). from...

"Art and Nature" process

from june 15th to september 29th 2013

At Renaudieres park, Carquefou (44) - France

The first process “Art & Nature” organized by Carquefou at the Renaudières, elder medieval...

Le Carré Vert

from january 18th till february 24th

Galerie Albane

Exhibition of 35 artists in military barracks.Adress : 110 rue Gambetta – Nantes. (44300) Varnishing...

Le Rayon Vert

from november 19th 2011 till january 8th 2012

Fanny Alloing presents to the small market of the Art of Le Rayon Vert Gallery a serie of movements (...

Le Rayon Vert

from november 17th 2012 till january 6th 2013

Private viewing, café-croissant & chocolate on november 17th 2012 from 11h till 14h

Paper Arts

from September 25th to October 2nd, 2011

Factory of Tobaccos / Nantes

Varnishing day on Saturday, September 24th from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm. “I wanted by using this...

Exhibition "Appearances"

From 16 until 18 September 2011

Castle of la Gournerie - St Herblain

Varnishing day on Thursday, September 15th 2011 from 6:30 pm till 10:00 pm

Online publishing of Fanny’s 1st writings

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Le Rayon vert

From November 13th 2010 till January 9th 2011

Fanny Alloing presents to the Small Market of Art of the gallery “Le Rayon Vert” a series...

Exhibition Gallery "RAISON D’ART" - Lille

from 9th september till 16th of october 2010

According to Hervé MARTIJN’s exhibition ( flamand painter ), Fanny ALLOING shows her sculptures at the...

On-line publishing of the video "Tightrope walkers"

august 2010

A new video presenting the atmosphere of the exhibition “Tightrope walkers” by Fanny Alloing...