Sculptor - Artist

“What left of Angels”, she says about her sculptures, imprints of disapeared bodies, which ran away.
Suspended, they float ireal, white and empty ! Since some years, Fanny Alloing applies to grasp the rustle of the Angels.
Pure forms, without motion, bodies appear slowly, spotless, opened. The lightness of materials, plastered strips, silk, paper, let see the skin in transparency.
The inside as much as the outside, the deepness discovered behindthe appearance. It deals with the fragility of the human shape : we whisper one “beyond the flesh ! “Given up during a passage on the earth, these white chrysalises might be the envelope of the soul. Noiselessly and with an infinite sweetness, we are invited to contemplate the unknown, the empty space, the vastness to which we belong to. And if these so quiet and so beautiful pale sculptures spoke to us simply about the disappearance of bodies, about the inevitable death. Beauty and fragility of the road. “To Be and disappear. ”

Cécile NIVET (Headmistress of the gallery “Le Rayon Vert”- Nantes)

Naissance d’une chrysalide

Série de trois vidéos
Tryptique géant de 3m par 4m
durée : 1h15
Extrait de 1min
Première présentation : projection grand angle au Temple du Gout 2014