Picot-Le Roy Gallery

from april 2nd to 23th 2017

Le Nuage Bleu - 14 Quai Kador, 29160 MORGAT - Presqu-île de Crozon

Art exhibition at Picot-Le Roy Gallery with Fanny Alloing & Marion Le Pennec
Le Nuage Bleu, 14 quai Kador, 29160 Morgat – Presqu’île de Crozon (France)
from april 2nd to 23th 2017


Here is a woman, half of her body keep her head leaning on side, arms crossed on her chest, her fingers brushing against the shoulders. The belly button represents a «contrapposto».Another one sit like a majestic queen, her fists contracted leaning on her chin. Here is a body lying on side, legs folded, arms gathered, her face resting on hands.
Some busts of women, children, men leaning forward, or their forehead raised.

Fanny Alloing’s characters are made in raku. The colors of fire she gives to the clay enhance the sweetness of the marks, shapes, the subtle delicateness of the gesture, the softness of a posture.

Who are they ? No one dare to disturb them or ask them. Their chilled faces, their eyes often closed, the pose of their hands, all this keep us away. They seem in harmony with their bodies, in every day life gestures. Dancers resting before a show, pensive children,
a stroller who is si on a bench giving his face to the sunbeam, a women who wants to sleep, a young man hiding his nudity from the glance of others, we have to guess the story.

Their bodies have gaps let by the artist on the material, like widows view on cosmo, we will never know. Their flesh keep marks, roughness of earth & clay, prints of tissue, crevices came there to tell us their past, emotions pushed away, accumulated, pain we want to forget.

These characters, we know them. They could be us.

Elisabeth Picot-Le Roy