Exhibition “Pollens”

Duo exhibition with Fanny Alloing and Sandrine Paumelle

from September 10th to October 17th 2020

Olivier Rousseau's gallery, Tours (37) - France

It is sculpted silence, silence filled with recollection and peace. Fanny Alloing gives it a human appearance. The face is placid, the eyes are closed, the mouth traces a fold that deforms no bitterness or anger. It happens inside the skull, in a meditation to which we are not invited, we can only imagine, according to our feeling in front of the features of the model immortalized by the clay. We are silent and for once, we leave to the cloakroom the untimely chirping of our consciences. Fanny Alloing invites us to temper the tumults of the world, to recollect. Life quickly becomes more fiery and enthusiastic if we know from time to time to give ourselves up to listen to our heartbeat. And let go for a few moments, the social mask to replace it with another, more serene.

B.L – Miroir de l’Art n°107