Les Renaudieres

from may 20th to june 18th 2017

Les Renaudieres, Carquefou (44) - France

After the fire stopped time,
from ground and ashes, a face arise,
then a hand, a shoulder, an arm…
a body…

Peaceful presence, eyes shut,
Gathered, what are they dreaming about?

From which stories these flesh and blood beings are the leftovers?
Did they just bear or die?
What is left of these ephemeral bodies?
Are the souls hidden?

I heard the ground quaking,
I guess a sweet whisper,
Listen! Watch!

They are the messengers,
The witness of this incredible mystery of being :
Body and soul.

Watch! Listen!

Cecile Nivet, founder of Le Rayon Vert Gallery (Nantes)

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