Installation Sculptures - Photos on silk

July-August 2009

Espace Saint Louis-Bar-le-Duc (55)

The works in three dimensions of Fanny Alloing show us not moldings realized on imprints of body but these imprints itselves, presented as sculptures. It is as if the bodies of the dancers which served as models had secreted a copy of their physical envelope, from their own skin, produced a moult where fall out the notions of back side and front side, of singular and universal, of humanity and bestiality.
The soul of the model, captured by the operation of molding, still haunts these empty envelopes. Presences of an absence, these moults have a sacred nature.
The materials used, like plastered bands, silk, paper, resin give to the sculptures a transparency which is also in printed silks with whom they have a dialogue. The artist, who accepts the responsibility of her installation, lets us see that the borders of work exceed the object to include the space of exhibition.
Materials also give to the works a fragility which sends back to our own fragility as human beings but paradoxically, it give them the capacity of the movement which makes it Armours against the work of time.
To us to hear them …

Philippe LERAT, Exhibition commissary.