Installation Photogrammes-Sculptures

from November 2007 till February 2008

Onyx / La Carrière - St Herblain (44)

One year of meetings with the crews of dance ngc25 and Marie Lenfant.
In echo with bodies and souls of the dancers.

Five years ago, I began this work of direction of human chrysalises. Originally, there is always the molding. That’s by it at the moment that I can be closer of someone.
When I prepare an exposure, with the moldings, I always associate another research (drawings, engravings, limp bright, photocopies of worked photos, impressions of photos on silk…).
For Onyx, I chose to experiment photograms.
By this work, I tried to find the volumes of the body, as well as the impressions of movement, and splitting in two.

Chrysalises of plaster and photograms are for me the imprint of a moment. They are unique and precious, as testimonies.


Najda – TV Nantes ( Issue 11-21-2007 )