Zabu’s Factory

from March 26th to May 8th 2022

Espace culturel Jean Zabukovec - Saint-Germain-des-Angles (27) - France

Exhibition tribute to Jean Zabukovec. 20 contemporary sculptors are invited by Jean-Yves Gosti to present their work.

Fanny Alloing’s work: ceramic sculptures, simple faces, or including body parts… A precise, meticulous production, where we feel how much the artist gives to the sculpture with her hands and soul. These works have such a presence that they seem to radiate the aura of their soul. The emotion creates itself when you are face to face with one of these expressive visages. Dialogue of humanities, clay, and flesh… According to certain ancestral legends, it is from clay that men were modeled. How to remain unmoved in front of the heat of the earth animated by these textures and burns? Because the artist mixes earth and fire.

Hélène Raynal – art collector

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