What left of Angels

Installation Photos-Sculptures

October 2003

Temple du goût, Nantes (44) - France

What left of Angels, photos moldings full of humanism by Fanny Alloing

From Friday, October 17th till Saturday, November 1st, the artist Fanny Alloing exposes her impressive “photos-moldings” at the Temple of Taste in Nantes. Meeting.
She is washed, tired, but so happy to engage the fifth speed on an installation she wants perfect, in any case as she dreamed, worded, imagined. She is Fanny Alloing, professor of Plastic arts today but who, yesterday (a decade), pushed aside her life to be into the creation. Thanks to her last job in human resources, she preserves this “comfortable side with people. In my works, I find everything I like. I find the feeling of the drawing and I also have the impression of being in the skin of a sculptor”.
What she makes, are angels, in a sense because sometimes, suspended in the airs. Moldings of the body with plastered bands, not completely, to see the outside and the inside.
“I am not jailing them”. Representations of men and women she loves and she crossed on her road.

The presence of the other one.
Because here we are, Fanny Alloing, only follows her instinct, her sensations, feelings. In the death of one of her young aunts, the click of the death at the end of the route picked her. “Who am I for myself and for the others? Which path are we suppose to let behind us? ” This questioning about her creations, synonyms of solitude and paradoxically of meetings.
“The meaning of the life is still there, in these exchanges. When the model leaves from my home, after the molding, I am touched to be able to keep his or her presence”.
Who are all these people, these couples?
“There is an adventure with each, something unique, I don’t give too much information, I like keeping mystery”.

Stephane Pajot. Press Ocean, October 2003

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