Le Nuage Bleu

Duo exhibition with Fanny Alloing and Sandrine Paumelle

from july 5th to august 25th 2020

Picot-Le Roy's gallery - Morgat (29) France

“The work modeled in modernity speaks of the eternity of the human condition”.

Armed with practice as a dancer, the artist proposes a ballet in frozen movement. It is up to us to grasp how these body envelopes are placed in silence. Weightless and gentle. Far from the corpse, some see sisters of mummies, brothers of recumbents. Worked in series: faces, small busts, with or without arms, crossed or not, playing on the expression, closed eyes, but also the movement, almost the resurrection, in the gestures of their positioning. The work is as striking as it is moving.

Fanny tells us that she likes Auguste Rodin, in addition to Louise Bourgeois. Apart from the unfailing connection he also maintained with dance, she cites her monumental centerpiece, The Gate of Hell, as a reference. Fanny Alloing sculpts the memory, prints the trace, shapes the memory. The work modeled in modernity speaks of the eternity of the human condition, without concern for genre or time. Universal. Africa, Asia, Europe, ancestral times, and contemporary times – without the imposture of posture or hollow concept -, everything intersects and responds. Echoing, the form resonates in the background, a simple but moving poetry.

Extracts from Patrick Le Fur’s article in Artension n°154 ( March- April 2019 )

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