Contemporary Art fair – Puls’art

from may 13th to 17th 2015

Places des Jacobins - Le Mans (72)

Participation in the show Puls’ Art – international contemporary art fair

Fanny Alloing – Birth of a chrysalis

At first, Fanny put dance body movements in motionless sculptures which expressed the strength of the movement in a frozen time. From the bodies; there was left no more than the skin, skin of plaster strips, a silk paper, translucent.
This first passage brought her work to sculptures in terra-cotta and the motionless moment took the strength of the subject.
The expressions of sweetness, tenderness, abandonment, fear, or revolt took all their strength in the red ochre earthenware, to deprive them of fragility.
There are permanent comings and goings between the strength of the expression and the fragility of materials. The worried nature of the artist expresses itself and shows her strength.

Lucien Ruimy, creator of Puls’ Art fair

Attached: Picture of the Self-portrait n°6 – acquisition city of Le Mans for Contemporary Art

web press from “Vivre l’Art – Magazine”

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