The air, like a sad face whose tears the breezes dry

Installation Photos-Carvings-Sculptures

February 2006

le Rayon Vert gallery, Nantes (44) - France

In the Gallery “Le Rayon Vert”, Fanny Alloing’s angels are next to the ecstasies of Stephane Chauvet.

In the chapter “skinned artists”, here there are two who need to be famous. Fanny Alloing and Stéphane Chauvet expose at the gallery of “Le Rayon Vert”, surprising works.

Birds of a feather flock together. The one paints and the other one makes moldings, to encircle better the human feelings, common subject of this duet. ” Whereas the one searches the thickness of the colored material, the other one wraps it with a strange translucent sweetness,” writes nicely Cécile Nivet, headmistress of “Le Rayon Vert”. “From one to the other, presence of the body and time, ecstasy and silence”.
Everything is said.

Stephane Pajot. Press Ocean February 4th, 2006

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