Salon 49 Regards

from october 19th to 28th 2018

Espace d’Art Contemporain-Trélazé (49 ) - France

Bibliographic note / FANNY ALLOING

Fanny Alloing is fascinated by the body since her childhood. Very young, she practiced the dance in an intensive way.
In her sculptures, we find the body, the bodies. She says that they are “the expression of the soul”. She makes us understand in a poetic way the moment, the life, the presence she experiences in an intense and complex creative process. She works with models, often dancers. During the long sessions of work, she also makes photos and drawings. she creates life-size chrysalises in plaster in which she finds the intention of the gesture and the detail of the flesh. They are made by material and by empty, impressive, full of humanity.
Fanny Alloing, who loves Piero Della Francesca, Michel Ange, and Rodin in particular, but also BUTO dance, the art of Japanese dance – “dance from within”, evolves in her research. For five years, she’s been working the clay. Through a new creative process, longer and even more delicate, of imprint- the stamping-, she makes sculptures with Raku technique, a great evocation force.
In her many exhibitions, Fanny Alloing combines other modes of expression – prints, photos, video. It invests the place. She staged her sculptures, occupying space in all its dimensions, and thus tells us their story, or ours.
It has already been selected at PULS’ ART and MAC PARIS. His pieces are part of the collections of the Fonds d’Art Contemporain of la Ville du Mans and FIAA.

Biography written by Elisabeth Picot Le-ROY, Gallerist.

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