Exhibition – earthenware museum

from April 12 to May 8, 2016

Malicorne-sur-Sarthe ( 72 )

Under the aegis of Lucien Ruimy, Fanny Alloing exhibits at Espace Faïence, the ceramic museum in Malicorne from April 12 to May 8, 2016.

Fanny Alloing – Birth of a chrysalis

She first transcribed the gestures of the dance into frozen sculptures that expressed the force of the movement captured in the moment. Bodies ; all that remained was the skin, a skin of plastered bands, of translucent tissue paper. This first passage brought her to terracotta sculptures and the frozen moment took the strength of the material. The expressions of sweetness, tenderness, abandonment, fear or revolt took their full force in the red ocher earth hardened to the extreme as if to try to remove their fragility. So there is a permanent back and forth between the force of expression and the fragility of materials and this is where the worried nature of the artist is expressed and takes all its force.

Lucien Ruimy, creator of the Puls’Art salon