The Roots of Heaven

from march 29th to april 27th 2019

Olivier Rousseau’s gallery - Tours (37) - France

Art exhibition of Fanny Alloing and Jérôme Delépine at Olivier Rousseau’s gallery.
from march 29th to april 27th 2019
48 rue de la Scellerie, 37000 TOURS

I discovered this Wednesday the work of Fanny Alloing. Ceramic sculptures, simple faces or a body part… A work of meticulous precision, where we feel how much the hands of the artist confer to the sculptures. These have such a presence that they seem to lighten the aura of their soul. Emotion is created by itself when you are face to face with one of those expressive faces. Dialogue of humanities, made of clay or flesh… According to some ancestral legends, human kind has been molded from clay…

How to remain stoic in front of the heat of the earth animated by games of textures, cooking, burns. The artist mixes earth and fire. The meeting of these two elements forms an alchemy that remind us a third element, the air, that seems to carry these ethereal sculptures…

Emotion, inspiration, special moment, interior, that touches intimacy… An artist to discover, works to experience.

Hélène Raynal – exhibition visitor